History of Darndale

Taking its name from the Irish word Darndál meaning Daffodil, the first family took up residence in Darndale in 1975. For many, Darndale was an escape from the dilapidated tenements of the city, particularly for those with large families. One-bedroom units were no longer accepted for families with several children, even the two-bedroom flats in Ballymun were considered overcrowded. Families wanted gardens for their children to play in and separate rooms to sleep in. And so it was that Darndale was built. Consisting of just over 900 units, Darndale was divided into five areas known as Buttercup, Marigold, Primrose, Snowdrop and Tulip. Now one of the largest residential areas in Dublin, there are many Dubliners that have memories of living in or visiting family in Darndale.

Image Credits: Darndale: A Living History

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